Educational Goals and Objectives

In fulfilling its purpose of training God-called and church-affirmed men and women for Christian ministry, PBTS will endeavor to prepare graduates who:

1. have a passion for evangelism and the skills that will make them more effective witnesses for Christ.

2. have a vision for world missions and will seek to communicate that vision to other Christians and to the churches in which they serve.

3. are characterized by scholarly devotion to Christ, including a deep understanding of the Scriptures and the principles for interpreting and applying the lessons of Scripture to their lives.

4. are sufficiently and effectively trained in their specific area of calling and ministry, including hands-on experience in ministering in the church and in the world.

5. display Christian character and growth in their personal lives and relationships, and regularly seek to disciple other Christians into maturity.

6. are devoted to ministering regularly in and through a local New Testament church.

7. have a deep appreciation for the Baptist heritage and understanding of the Christian faith.