How to Write a Book Review
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How to Write a Book Review

A book review is not a summary but a “description, critical analysis, and evaluation of quality and meaning of a book.”

Bibliographic Information

• Author. Title of the Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, and copyright date.


AUTHOR. Information about the Author

• Provide the full name of the author.

• Some personal information about him or his family.

• Institutional Affiliations

• Academic Achievements or Literary Works


AIM. State the author’s purpose of writing the book

• Why did the author write the book?

• Why did he chose the topic?

• Who are the target audiences?

• Does the writing style suit the target audiences?



• How was the book written—what is the writing style—is it formal? Informal? Academics?

• Be able to identify from which point of view the book is written.

• What kind of literary genre it is? Make sure to familiarize yourself to the field of study that it is written for.

• Check the book’s coherence, clarity, originality, the use of technical words, and the flow of its discussion.

• In case of narrative/fiction/story, take note of the elements involved in the plot: character, setting, and the main crisis, resolutions, how these other elements relate to the plot or theme of the book.

• Scan through the table of contents and observe how the topics are organized

• how did the author accomplish his aim?

• Consult other sources and see how accurate is the information presented by the author.

• Evaluate how the book accomplished its goals and whether it is comprehensive in itself or if there is a need for further work. Go through the bibliography and check its sources and check how your author’s work waver with the work of others.

Note: in your consultation of other sources, make sure that you provide complete citation of sources to avoid being charged of plagiarism.



• What new lessons did you learn from this academic paper?

• How does this reading influence your personal life and your ministry?

• In what ways will you apply the lessons you learn from this reading?