Robert H. Munson

Associate Professor of Missions

  • University of Buffalo (BS – Mechanical Engineering)
  • Old Dominion University (MS – Mechanical Engineering)
  • Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv)
  • Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (ThD – Missions)

Dr. Bob Munson is a missionary to the Philippines since 2004. He is teaching missions courses in PBTS including: Cultural Anthropology and Dialogue with Asian Faiths. Dr. Munson also serves as director of Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center. Bukal Life is focused on training in pastoral care, crisis care, CPE, and chaplaincy training. Dr. Munson enjoys writing in Dr. Munson is married to Celia Munson. They have three children: Joel, Esther, and Becky.

Selected Publications


  • Munson, Robert H. Theo-storying: Reflection on God, Narrative, and Culture. Baguio City: MM-Musings, 2015.
  • ______ & Celia Munson. The Art of Pastoral Care (Principles of Pastoral Care Book 1). Baguio City: MM-Musings, 2016.
  • ______. Dialogue in Diversity: Christians in Conversation with the Multi-faith World. Baguio City: MM-Musings, 2019.

  • ______. Dynamics in Pastoral Care: Enhancing Transformative Soul Health (Principles of Pastoral Care Book 2). Baguio City: MM-Musings, 2021.