Master of Arts in Contextual Ministry

The Master of Arts in Contextual Ministry is a two to three-year program which is designed to provide continuing educational opportunities to pastors, workers and lay leaders in innovative ways through the critical tools in analyzing the text, context, and the readers in conversation with the challenges and opportunities of the time, as participants of the church’s existence and missions through one’s gifts and skills.


This degree program is made possible through a special partnership with Dr. Jonathan Exiomo. As such, the program is not available in the resident campus but through the extension program only.

  • Metaphysics for Christians
  • Epistemology
  • Introduction to Interpreting the Bible
  • Interpreting the Old Testament
  • Interpreting the New Testament
  • Theology 1-Revelation and Our Response in Faith
  • Theology 2-Christology
  • Theology 3-Human Beings and Hope
  • Theology 4-The Church as Community of Faith
  • Spiritual Formation 1- Spirituality and Different Practices
  • Spiritual Formation 2- Spirituality and Christian Disciplines
  • Spiritual Formation 3- Spirituality and Decision Making
  • Spiritual Formation 4- Spirituality and Personality

The Center can suggest the courses that will be offered to enhance the skills needed for ministries in the area. The following skills may be suggested: Communicating to postmodern audience, Relationship for effective personality and ministry, Leadership and management principles, Conducting Child Dedication, Baptism, Communion, Funeral services, Solemnizing Marriage, Pastoral Care, among others.