Blessildo G. Dagasen

Adjunct Professor, Theology and Philosophy

  • Saint Louis University (PhD – Philosophy, Candidate)
  • Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (Master of Science in Theology)
  • Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity)
  • Saint Louis University (Bachelors of Philosophy)

Blessildo Dagasen has served as both capacities as pastor and professor. Currently, Dagasen is Associate Professor at Philippine College of Ministry located in the Baguio-Benguet area. He is also serving as senior pastor at Rimando Wesleyan Church.

Selected Publications

  • Dagasen, Blessildo G. “God, the Absolute Thou as the Ground of Intersubjectivity in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel.” Wesleyan Scientific Review, 2 (December 2021): 114-127.
  • _______________”Dios ti Imposible a Panangipagarup Maisuppiat Iti Dios a Mannangaasi (The God of Impossible Expectation Versus the God of Compassion).” Sao Ti Biag (2016): 16-24.
  • _______________ “Iti Di Mangikankano a Dios Versus Dios a Nadekket a Makaam-ammo Kadatayo (The Inattentive God Versus the God who Knows us Intimately).” Sao Ti Biag (2016): 24-28.
  • _______________ “Dios a Naranggas / Mangirurumen versus Dios a Mangagas Kadatayo (TheAbusive God versus the God who Heals us).” Sao Ti Biag (2016): 29-33.

  • _______________ “Ti Dios a Manglapped versus Dios a Mangipaay (The God Who Withholds Versus the God Who Provides).” Sao Ti Biag (2016): 33-38.
  • _______________ “Iti Di Mapagtalkan a Dios Versus Dios a Mapagtalkan (The Unreliable God Versus the God Who is Trustworthy).” Sao Ti Biag (2016): 38-44.